• After the destruction that Hurricane Maria unleashed, a moral dilemma arises among the Puerto Ricans as to whether it is acceptable to leave the island or there is a patriotic obligation to stay and help rebuild it. Since September 20th, more than 140,000 Puerto Ricans have left the island and some suggest more than 300,000 could follow in the next two years. The slogan "I do not quit" to stay in Puerto Rico and collaborate in the reconstruction has generated a sociocultural movement. This slogan is so strong that when Denise Centeno, who runs Hispanic Families Counseling Inc. in Orlando, Florida, played the song "Isla Bendita", sung by a singer who included those four words, generated an unexpected reaction on her clients. "The Moral Dilemma of Puerto Ricans: Going or staying?". Written by Xavier J. Araujo Berrios for “El Nuevo Día” (November 9, 2017). 

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  • Our Executive Director, Denisse Lamas, was interviewed on CNN en Español to discuss HFC's experience as first responders to the Pulse tragedy (2016).

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  • One of our therapists, Elba Rivera, spoke on La Grande 1030 AM in 2017 about acculturation within the Hispanic community.

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  • Our Executive Director, Denisse C. Lamas, gave an interview on behalf of Hispanic Family Counseling, Inc. for being selected as the 2018 Success Stories Honoree in Central Florida (September 07, 2018). Watch the full interview:
  • In August 2017, Everett Miller was accused of killing two police officers in Kissimmee, FL. In an effort to understand the link between mental health and a tragedy such as this, Telemundo Orlando interviewed our Clinical Director, Jessica Heredia, on the "Profile of an Assassin" segment.

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  • Our Director of Operations, Richard Centeno, was interviewed by Valezka Gil on Telemundo Orlando about HFC's free counseling for survivors and family and friends of victims of the Pulse tragedy (2016). 

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  • Our Executive Director, Denisse Lamas, was interviewed on KQ93.7 to discuss the work HFC does, including the referral process (2016).

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  • Hispanic Family Counseling Inc. worked with Proyecto Somos Orlando to provide services to survivors and family and friends of victims of the Pulse tragedy. Jennifer Lopez and Luis Manuel Miranda provided support by creating the song, "Love Make the World Go Round." Part of the HFC team had the honor of attending the live performance as a thank you for our work after the tragedy and even appeared in the crowd during the music video. "Mental Health and Latinos After Orlando" by Sara Au, The Huffington Post  (July 8, 2016).

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  • Our Executive Director, Denisse Lamas, was interviewed by Diana Raquel for Accion Radio 97.9 "Hablando de Leyes y Algo Mas" where she spoke about Suicide Prevention and its statistics along with Lawyer Fanny Nater from Nater Law Firm and with Mayor Jacob Ruiz from Osceola County Sheriff's office (September 12, 2018).  Listen to the full interview:​

  • WRSO.NATER_LAW.09.1257:14

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  • Our Executive Director, Denisse Lamas, was on the panel at the UnidosUS Annual Conference to discuss mental health issues in the community. (July 7, 2018).

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  • In the twentieth ceremony of the Don Quijote Awards, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO) and Prospera; honored six individuals and local businesses in Central Florida for their vision, courage and impact in the region. The winners were chosen by a committee that evaluated among others professional achievements, financial success and growth, innovation, and contributions to the community. The winners were: Yolanda Londoño, Tribute to the Trajectory, Hispanic Family Counseling, Inc., Hispanic Business of the Year-Five Years or Less, Advanced IT Concepts, Inc., Hispanic Business of the Year-More Than Five Years, Dr. Adalberto Torres, Jr., Nemours, Professional of the Year, Adriana Comellas-Macretti, Excellence, and Dr. Ron Piccolo, University of Central Florida, Hispanic Community Champion. "Don Quijote Awards Twentieth Ceremony." Written by "The Sentinel" for "Orlando Sentinel" (December 11, 2017).

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  • HFC was honored to have been a finalist for the Don Quijote Awards in the category of Hispanic Business of the Year 5 Years or Less. HCCMO & Prospera created a promo video to showcase HFC's achievements (December 16, 2015). "Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Outstanding Leaders" by Clean the World (November 17, 2015).​

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Hispanic Family Counseling Inc. in the Media:

mejorando la Calidad de Vida

  • When Denisse C. Lamas, CEO of HFC, heard the Pulse nightclub shooting had happened, she knew it would be a busy week. Right away, Denisse and her staff started to work non-stop, providing bilingual help to families of the 49 who died in the shooting. Lamas said the pain from the tragedy will be tough but that recovery starts when people process the pain. About half of the Pulse victims were Puerto Rican. “Hispanic Community Hit Hard in Attacks” by Marco Santana, Orlando Sentinel (June 15, 2016). 

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  • After assisting Pulse survivors in a Spanish-mutual aid group, a UCF Social Work professor conducted a qualitative study on the factors that influenced the Orlando community’s resiliency following the Pulse shooting, where Denisse Lamas delivered a presentation to the UCF faculty regarding the shortage of bilingual social workers. With some recruited clients from the Hispanic Family Counseling, Inc., Molina formed a short-term group of six Latino men and women, who identified as either gay, lesbian, or bisexual with PTSD symptoms because of this incident. “Group Work with Pulse Survivors Inspires UCF Professor’s New Research” by Victoria Villanueva (April 5, 2017). 

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  • The Orlando community, especially the Hispanic community, was in mourning after the Pulse tragedy. HFC was there, along with several other organizations, as the community united to begin the very difficult process of healing. "'Somos Orlando': United in Grief, Hispanic Community Unites to Bury Their Many Dead" by Joey Flechas and David Ovalle (June 18, 2016).

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Hispanic Family Counseling
  • After the death of five members of a Hispanic family that happened in Georgia, Jessica Heredia, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, gave an interview where she talked about detecting those signs that help prevent a tragedy like this, one of them may be continued sadness, fatigue, and mood swings. "There are lines of national help such as suicide prevention, which if one calls can be guided and even ventilate our emotions. There are resources in the community as mental health centers too," Heredia said. “Experts indicate how to prevent cases of depression that could lead to fatal events” by Tamara Mino, Mundo Hispánico (July 6, 2017).

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  • Even after a year had passed from the tragedy at Pulse, Hispanic Family Counseling Inc. (HFC) was still active in offering counseling services to survivors and family and friends of victims. HFC even had a team of therapists at the City of Orlando's Lake Eola Pulse One-Year Mark Event. "Counseling Services Continue After Pulse One-Year Mark" by Crystal Chavez, WMFE (June 13, 2017).

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  • Our Clinical Director, Jessica Heredia, was interviewed by Fanny Nater from Nater Law Firm for Accion Radio 97.9 "Hablando de Leyes y Algo Mas" where she spoke about Depression (October 16, 2018).  Listen to the full interview:​​
  • Our Executive Director, Denisse Lamas, was interviewed by Greg Perkins on EduTV for the work Hispanic Family Counseling Inc. has done in the Hispanic community (July 26, 2017).

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  • In September 2017, our Executive Director, Denisse Lamas, spoke for "Telemundo Orlando" about Hurricanes Irma and Maria and shared some recommendations on how to remain calm during an emergency and how to release anxiety and anguish after a disaster.       

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  • ​Our Clinical Director, Jessica Heredia, and one of our therapists, Elba Rivera, were interviewed on 90.7 WMFE by Matthew Peddie about the Pulse tragedy. "Counseling After Pulse" by Talia Blake (May 23, 2017).

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  • Our Executive Director, Denisse Lamas, was the Latina Role Model of the Week! On August 10, 2017 at 10 pm, Channel 194 Spectrum, www.HispanicsSpeakout.TV 

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  • Our Executive Director, Denisse Lamas, was the Latina Role Model of the Week! On February 20, 2018 at 10 pm, Channel 194 Spectrum, interview hosted by Damaris Ramos, www.WNHA.tv

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  • Our Executive Director, Denisse Lamas, and our Clinical Director, Jessica Heredia, were interviewed on Hola Ciudad Teve! by Michelle Feliz and "El Capy" to discuss mental health concerns in the Hispanic community (March 19, 2016).

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  • Our Clinical Director, Jessica Heredia, was the Latina Role Model of the Week! On July 17, 2018 at 10 pm, Channel 194 Spectrum, www.HispanicsSpeakout.TV 

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  • HFC provided counseling to survivors and others affected, free of charge in different languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Creole and French. Valeria Morales said providing counselors who are culturally competent is key: “it’s very important for families, it’s just you feel more at ease and more comfortable talking to somebody in the language, somebody who understands your culture, it’s a lot easier to express yourself,” Morales said. "Bilingual Counselors In High Demand In Orlando Post Pulse” by Crystal Chavez, Health News Florida (June 23, 2016). ​

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